News & events 2022

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    September 5th 2022

      Interclub competition with Aberystwyth

      Congratulations for the winners go to the Aberystwyth Camera Club

      Aberystwyth Camera Club scored 355 points against Builth Well's 335 points.

      Highest scores in the DPI's for Builth go to Andrew Dally, Richard Myatt and Jane Kerr

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      May 2022 winner: COLOUR DPI: "Beauty at the lake" by Zoe Matthias

      May 2022 winner: MONOCHROME (print & DPI): "Seascape on Orkney" by Graham Yates

      May 2022 winner: COLOUR PRINTS: "All Right Treacle" by Bob Walls

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    • April 4th 2022: Ian Collins gave an insightful talk into the world of low light photography

      Ian Collins website: (

      Ian Collins on Facebook: (

      To find out when solar storms are likely check out Solar Ham on Facebook: (

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      March 2022 winner: COLOUR DPI: "Foggy sunrise" by Richard Myatt

      March 2022 winner: MONOCHROME (print & DPI): "Sleeping guard" by Richard Myatt

      March 2022 winner: COLOUR PRINTS: "Cornucopia" by Jane Kerr

      February 2022 winner: COLOUR DPI: "Cloud inversion" by Antony Swinbourne

      February 2022 winner: MONOCHROME (print & DPI): "Lonely shopper" by Richard Myatt

      February 2022 winner: COLOUR PRINTS: "Autumn post box" by Andrew Dally

      January 2022 winner: COLOUR DPI: "Shot of colour" by Mike Speake

      January 2022 winner: MONOCHROME (print & DPI): "Austin abandoned" by Richard Myatt

      January 2022 winner: COLOUR PRINTS: "Women in blue" by Richard Myatt